The Master Plan development, both new construction and rehabilitation or preservation buildings, is based on the following points:


- Establishment of a situation analysis at the starting point.


- Identification of the problems or don't working dynamics.


- Analysis of every needs posed by the customer


- Adapted proposals to the objectives


A master plan allows developing investment programs by periods, controlling and adjusting the use of existing infrastructures to the maximum.


We have an extended experience on the development of Master Planning on the areas of building. Within the study of a master plan means it is analyzed both the possibility of rehabilitation of the spaces affected by different pathologies, changing uses, the development or enlargement of existing buildings and the designing of new constructions. Equally, attending to the engineering area, from our studio it has been written specific plans for the analysis and renovation of electric installations, lighting or heating and air-conditioning equipment, due to fulfill the specific needs of comfort and functionality of our customers or to adapt to current normative framework.


The master plans constitute a very useful tool, previous the designing project, for assessing the duration period and the economic investment according to the necessities and objectives required by the customer in a determined project. In every master plan is established a timeline for actions in which is specified a scheme of every activity and their duration period, as well as the investment of each term, in order to facilitate a cost-effective operation.

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