Sometimes the need to search for new markets or the consolidation of them in territories doesn’t well-established drives companies to deal with a casuistic outside their area of negotiation: the establishment on a particular site.


Alotark Architects & Consultants a offers a customized service of analysis of the different necessities and a mediation and conciliation with real state companies or building industry in order to achieve the desired objectives. The diversity and complexity of the property business and the specificities of the construction sector everyday highlights the need for the existence of a unique specialized interlocutor and the development of an implementation plan. This study consists in the analyzing of the different market options, the proposals of implementation and relocation possibilities to determine are more efficient and use fewer resources.


The analysis of the program and logistic requirements of the customer and the adjustment into the environment where it will be located merging in a better use of the resources intended for the location of its business.

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