Located between the old Gothic town and Ciutadella Park, the neighbourhood of Ribera, traditionally known as “the Born”, is one of the most characteristic area of the old Barcelona surrounded by landmarks such as the ancient cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar, France station, Triumphal Arch or the Barcelona zoo, however it is a town which still maintains a control appearance of a city neighbourhood.


Charming area, near a no discern sea, among its streets you discover the monumentally of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, the ancient palaces of Montcada street, Pablo Picasso museum, or the Born market constructed at the end of 19th century and also Santa Caterina market rehabilitated by Enric Miralles. Part of the town was demolished after 1714, for the construction of Ciutadella Park. During a long time the Born Market was one of the most important economic area. Nowadays, it’s a trendy neighbourhood: its old taverns and warehouses have been remodelled into designer shops, restaurants and pubs, allowing as well the development of artistic and creative activities.


The diversity and cultural and commercial services turn this place into a meeting and creation site which our study feeds itself.  

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