Customer: Nordic Built | Town: Oslo | Year: 2013 | Surface: 50,500.00m2

Chromatic strategy is based on the color abstraction from Edvard Munch's paintings.Compositional strategy comes by analyzing the color grouping from the pixelized image.Serigraphed glass is a chameleon material that changes its appearance depending on the solar incidence and the ambient light.As a general strategy to meet the challenges that Nordic Challenge Built proposes working in three directions confluent:- The improved Set Efficiency which aims to bring the building to Zero emissions target by the compensation reduction of CO2 emissions.- Improved Space Management through the structuring of space through operational stripes seeks rationalization and improved management of office space.- The improved Urban and social position of building where the new facade, added to the objectives of sustainability and energy efficiency associated with the building,get a clear message to launch a better future for society.

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